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Vinland is a land of mighty heroes, men and women of whom the skalds will sing for many generations!

Seven generations ago, a new land was found by the Wulfing captain Erik Blood-Hand. He named it Vinland for the grape vines that grew on the hills above the sea. The land was rich, game was plentiful and food abundant. The Wulfings settled at Brattahlíð on Eiriksfjord and began to trade with their folk across the sea in Norsca.

Soon settlers from all across Norsca were sailing for the new land, building towns up and down the coast. The first years were peaceful and prosperous. Erik Blood-Hand built a town on the north shore of Lake Mälaren and named it Sigtuna. Scyldings arrived and built their own town on the Fyriselv river, while the Bjornings settled the lands south of Lake Mälaren, founding Aarnklö, Helgö, and Thurso. Geats claimed the island of Öland, where they kept to themselves in the fortress-town of Gettlinge. Then the Ynglings arrived in great numbers and began to settle everywhere, causing great trouble as they began to war with the other tribes over territory.

The Ynglings War claimed many lives and set off the Long Famine, where hundreds of people died. Those were also the years of the long winters, which drove the skraelings down from the hills to wage war on the Vinlanders. The skraelings were dark, twisted people, more beast than man, and even more blood was spilled. Vikings sailed from Norsca to join their kinsmen, but the Vinlanders were sorely beset. Skraelings sacked the town of Sigtuna and razed it to the ground. Erik Blood-Hand rallied his Wulfings at Jarlshof and began to build a new town, also called Sigtuna. The old town, now nothing but ruins, was called Forsigtuna henceforth.

The Scyldings won a major battle against the skraelings at Fyrisgärde, turning the tide of the Skraeling War. Blood choked the Fyriselv, and from that time on the Scylding town was known as Valsgärde, the Garden of the Dead. Even today one can’t walk far into the fields without stumbling across a broken sword, old arrowheads, or a rusting mail hauberk.

While the Wulfings, Bjornings, and Scyldings fought against the skraelings, the Ynglings continued their rapacious ways and claimed more land. They fought the Geats and seized half of Öland, then built new towns along the coast, while their pirates raided the ships of the other Vinlanders. After the skraeling threat was dispersed, the other tribes joined together at Ullarakr and declared war on the Ynglings. After only a few skirmishes, the Ynglings sued for peace, and the other tribes, weary of war, accepted their terms. The Ynglings surrendered much of their territory and withdrew to three towns: Köpingsvik, Nyköping, and Skiringssal.

Since that time, the Vinlanders have lived in relative peace, with occasional outbreaks of violence and constant intrigue and rivalry among the tribes. However, they are all united against their common threat, the skraelings, who continue to raid, but not in the great numbers they once had. The Vinlanders have also become aware of other threats that lurk on the borders of their kingdoms, jötnar in the northern mountains, and strange folk, the alfar, in the forests to the south. There are also many olden ruins scattered around, remnants of a lost race of men, and dvergr dwell in the deep places of the earth.

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