Vinlander Sagas

Chapter 1

The Murder of Erik Ingvarsson

Halfway between Thurso and Aarnklö, on the banks of the Thursenelv River, travelers can find rest at Sivulfsson Meadhall. Run by Arlo and Ingrid Sivulfsson, this lonely inn is one of the few bastions of Vinlander civilization in the west. The inn provides a warm—and mostly safe—place for travelers to stay, although the Sivulfssons must occasionally deal with skraeling raids or hungry trolls the wander up out of the fens.

You are here to investigate the murder of Erik Ingvarsson, the son of the Wulfing Jarl Ingvar Eriksson and grandson of Erik Blood-Hand. Erik Ingvarsson was accounted a mighty warrior and was hunting the skraeling in the west, when he was ambushed by jötunn and felled in battle. Several of his companions died but two survived to report his death to the Jarl. One of them, Ranulf Olafsson, soon died from his wounds, but the other, Jarvik Jarviksson, is being tended at the Temple of Sif in Aarnklö, as he is still too injured to travel.

Your band, being loyal retainers to the Jarl, have been commanded to speak with Jarvik Jarviksson and hear his tale, and then hunt down the jötunn who killed Erik Ingvarsson. If possible, you are to bring back Erik’s body for a proper burial, and also to bring back his helm and sword, which are mighty relics of the Wulfing tribe.


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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